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Fantastic 4 the trial of reed richards

Fantastic 4 the trial of reed richards

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The Trial of Reed Richards. By rescuing Galactus from death, the universe penalizes Mr. Fantastic for condemning other planets to death. What will be the final. 17 Jul In the latest edition of Comics to Read Before You Die, Jessie Robertson looks at Fantastic Four “The Trial of Reed Richards” Found in. 28 Feb Today, we look at how Chris Claremont guest-starring the Fantastic Four in “ Uncanny X-Men” led to the trial of Reed Richards! It all began in.

Suddenly they appear in the middle of the Galactic Tribunal's trial for the live of Reed Richards. John is taken to Sue, Ben and Johnny who tell him that Reed is. 6 Apr Several readers have inquired about The Trial of Reed Richards (aka The Trial of Galactus), which is a great John Byrne-era Fantastic Four. 15 May John Byrne created some of the most memorable Fantastic Four epics during his run on Fantastic Today's feature: The Trial of Reed Richards!.

(Notes: This trilogy was reprinted in in the trade paperback titled "Fantastic Four: Trial of Galactus." Reed's decision to save Galactus will come back to. Despite it's misleading moniker (It's actually Reed Richards who is on trial.), The Trial of Galactus does a decent job of truncating Writer/Artist John Byrne's epic. 15 Feb I read somewhere—can't recall where—that Byrne created this storyline in response to Chris Claremont's treatment of Phoenix in the Uncanny. 11 Jun New villain Dr. Doom forces Mr. Fantastic, the Human Torch, and The . and a universal court puts him on trial for aiding and abetting mass. Issue(s): Fantastic Four #, Fantastic Four # Cover Date: Dec 83 - Jan Title: "The search for Reed Richards" / "The trial of Reed Richards" Credits.


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